The Avalanches – Wildflower (Chief Engineer)

Big Words – Cherry Mixtape (Mix/Master)

Ceres and Wil Wagner – Stretch Ur Skin (Engineer/Mix)

Picket Palace –  No Fun Intended (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Squid Fishing – Elevator (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Squid Fishing –  Shitty Weather (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Big Words –  Cicada (Engineer/Mix/Master)

Angus and Julia Stone – Youngblood (Engineer)

Rick Sextant – Rockin The Boat With Rick Sextant (Co-Write/Produce/Mix)

Big Words – TTYDTM/Slow Dance/Girl With The Golden Skin (Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Christopher Coleman and The Great Escape – Jessie (Engineer/Mix)

British India – I Can Make You Love Me (Engineer) GOLD

Clove  – Hollow And Whole EP (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Ceres – Drag It Down On You (Engineer/Mix)

Jacob – Show Me Some Passion (Produce/Mix)

Bollard –  Beware The Atto Fox EP (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Run Rabbit Run – Faker (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Run Rabbit Run – Bloodline EP (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Bollard – Trawlers (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Diana Radar – Mustard/Growing (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Swamp – Tonight (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Ceres – I Dont Want To Be Anywhere But Here (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

DYGL – Waste Of Time/Sightless (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Plovers – Positive Reinforcement (Master)

Empire Park – Nobody’s Watching Me (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Self Talk – Almost Everything (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Britney Spears/G-Eazy – Make Me (Engineer)

Apes – Stranger Than Strangers (Engineer)

Swim Season – Collide (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Joe Sewer – Quarter Life Crisis (Master)

Department -If/Baking Naked (Master)

Shorts – Something Else (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Colour Dazed – Conduit (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

British India – Nothing Touches Me (Engineer – Mix – This Is How It Feels)

British India – Controller (Engineer)

Self Talk – Seeing What I Want To See (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Dancing Heals – You Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Right Now (Co Produce/Engineer)

Jack and The Kids – Real Again/Alone/Your Eyes (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

X-Factor/Australia’s Got Talent/Dancing With The Stars – String/Horn/Vocals (Engineer)